Acute bronchiolitis

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Acute bronchiolitis
It is a disease that affects to bronchioles pulmonary, which they are infinity of ramifications that leave from the bronchi, are located within the lungs and at the end of each one of them, are million pulmonary alveoli in whom the important and vital function of the gas interchange is carried out, is to say introduces oxygen in the blood and dioxide is expelled from carbon.

In the bronquiolitis, which is developed to an inflammation of the pulmonary bronchioles, that progressively causes a slow obstruction and of such, makes difficult the passage of the air and causes an asphyxia sensation.

There are two types of obliterante bronquiolitis.

the constrictiva obliterante bronquiolitis: that it is pronounced by the progressive replacement of the normal pulmonary weave by another one of fibrous and granular type in the respiratory bronchioles, conduits aleveolares and alveoli. This disease is not very common, but when it appears is irreversible and of prolonged and progressive evolution, with a great obstruction to the air flow in the lungs.

the proliferativa obliterante bronquiolitis, that is characterized by the secretion presence inside the bronchioles as if neumonía was one. He is much more frequent and it can be controlled with a suitable and opportune treatment. Usually it affects mainly to people between the 40 and 50 years and it is pronounced by productive cough, it is to say with flemas, pain when swallowing, difficulty to mainly breathe when making some effort, loss of weight, pain in the chest and general malaise.

The bronquiolitis can have their origin in multiple causes that can be:

virales or bacterial pulmonary Infections.

It can appear after a lung transplant.

Inhalation of toxic smoke and cigarette.

irritating gas Inhalation.

the labor exhibition to toxic polluting elements or saborizantes volatile ingredients of the nutritional product factories.

the use of some medicines like the cefalosporinas, amiodarona and others.

the inhalation and drug use like the cocaine, the dust of angel, the ethyl chloride and others.

The main symptom of a bronquiolitis, is the cough presence and a great difficulty to breathe that every time is more severe.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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