Acute bronchiolitis

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Acute bronchiolitis
It is a serious and dangerous disease that affect mainly to smaller children of 2 years and with greater incidence in smaller suckling babies of a year, premature, those that suffer some disease cardiac or some immunodeficiency.

The bronquiolitis is an acute viral infection of tracto respiratory inferior and it is characterized by audible difficulty to breathe, sibilancias and crepitantes noises.

It is caused mainly by the virus of the respiratory sincisial that mainly affects in winter and spring, although also can be caused by the virus of parainfluenza, influenza To, adenovirus, rinovirus and enterovirus.

I infect takes place when the virus enters the organism through the nasal graves or the conjuntiva of the eye, later to infect the respiratory routes. The source of I infect is generally some adult person who has a viral infection, common influenza or resfriado, although its symptoms are very slight.

The channel is through the gotitas of saliva that a person expels when speaking, toser or to sneeze or by the direct bonding with the hands or objects of a person enfrema, since the virus can survive several hours in different surfaces and by 30 minutes in the hands from an ill person.

There are occasions in which this disease appears specially like an epidemic with children between the 6 and 18 months, of such form that during the first year of life, calculates that they get it to suffer at least 11 of each 100 children.

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