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It is pronounced mainly in the three first years of life and sometimes from the birth, it affects more to the children than to the children of all the places, races and economic levels partner and it is pronounced during all the life.

Sometimes the autismo is developed in children who seem normal and that later they undergo some inexplicable regression.

This disease that is incapacitante, characterizes by an irregular intellectual growth and the difficulty or absence to establish social relations and abilities for the communication and goes accompanied of persistent compulsive rituals, severe misalignments or absence of the language and resistance to the change.

In this disorder a noticeable rejection towards looking for or accepting the physical contact with other people and a great insistence in making the routine activities exist.

The autistas, frequently make repetitive corporal movements and the most insignificant change in its physical atmosphere or its routines can cause extreme rage or anxiety to them.

Some imitate sounds or develop comprehensible patterns of language and others are dumb. Many undergo convulsive attacks.

The cause of its origin is not known or, since some investigators think that he can be by genetic factors, environmental like are the virus or chemical, abnormalitys in some cerebral regions in which the neurons seem to be the more small of the normal thing and have sebdesarrolladas nervous fibers. Other studies refer to abnormalitys in serotonin and in some cases it has been associated with congenital rubéola, hereditary metabolic upheavals, encefalitis and / or meningitis.

In a minority of cases, disorders like the syndrome of the fragile X, the tuberosa sclerosis and fenilcetonuria not treated suitably, can cause a autista behavior. Other disorders, like the syndrome of Tourette and the deficit of the attention, often happen with the autismo but they do not cause it.

Due to unknown reasons, between 20 and 30% of people with autismo they develop epilepsy when they arrive at the adult stage.

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