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The aterotrombosis is a problem that originates more than 55 million deaths to the year anywhere in the world according to the World - wide Organization of the Health, is to say that more than half of the deaths in the world they are related to this problem.

The attack cardiac, the infarct to the heart, the angina of chest, the cerebral trombosis, the cerebral infarct, the trombosis of legs and other diseases vasculares is to say caused by severe circulatory problems, are manifestations of a single disease: the aterotrombosis.

This aterotrombóticos group of diseases or events, originates themselves by the accumulation of the fat in the arteries, which creates a "fibrous layer", that when injuring itself form a cork of plaquetas (as if outside a scab) and finally a clot that blocks the route of the blood towards organs like the heart, the head or the legs, causing of this form a aterotrombótico event in some of these zones.

Plaquetas, small cells and components of the blood are those that play a very important role in these diseases, that complications can be prevented and be avoided when they are taken care of on time.

The blood is composed by diverse types of cells: the red globules that transport oxygen and nutrimentos to all the body, the targets which they defend the organism of infectious and tróxicos agents and plaquetas that is accumulated for "taponear" when there is some injury and avoiding the excessive loss of blood.

The blood constantly crosses the body by a network of arteries, hair veins and glasses, but to be able to do it and to arrive at each cell, weave and organ of the body, it must have certain texture and travel by clean channels that allow him to do it fluidly.

When through some reason, the blood cannot happen well between the blood vessels, can be originated two kinds of problems: or it forms trombo, which it is like a clot that the passage of the blood blocks and / or the blood does not arrive mainly by diverse reasons by the diminution of the thickness of the arteries by accumulated fat, to certain parts of organs of the body that when not receiving oxygen opportunely die causing a zone of infarct.

The aterotrombosis is the combination of these two problems:

the aterosclerosis, that is a disease that is developed throughout the life and it must to the fat accumulation in the arterial walls by: cholesterol elevation and triglicéridos, arterial hypertension, tabaquismo, diabetes, obesity and lack of physical activity and.

the trombosis, that is the formation of plaquetarias masses, that when attracting other chemical cells and substances increase of size and form sanguineous clots that adhere on this fat layer, making difficult plus the circulation of the blood.

The aterotrombosis, therefore is a disease that it has very varied manifestations depending as large as the obstruction, the obstructed time and mainly of the part of the body that lets receive oxygen. Thus it is possible to be dealed with an attack cardiac or an infarct to the heart, an angina of chest or even a Vascular Event Cerebral isquémico: trombosis and cerebral infarct or trombosis in the legs, among others.

The fat layer that is deposited in an artery knows like "aterosclerisis" and is separata of the blood by a cover of endotelio, call "fibrous capsule", that can be very heavy, in this case we have "a stable" fat plate, well separated of the blood. But if the fibrous capsule is thin, easily it can erode or be injured.

This injury in the fibrous capsule is detected by plaquetas as a "flight" reason why initiates the process to add itself and to form the plaquetario cork finally and a clot that the passage of the blood blocks giving rise to a aterotrombosis.

Depending on the affected area, there are several types of aterotrombóticos events that are:

cerebral Vascular Event or EVC, that originates one embolia, trombosis or attacks transitory isquémico.

peripheral arterial Disease or EAP, that affects the legs mainly and it is pronounced with pain, muscular incapacity and later gangrene or necrosis.

acute coronary Syndrome or SCA that can give to origin to an infarct of the myocardium or unstable angina.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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