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Also known as infarct of myocardium or coronary trombosis is an upheaval that causes the death of a zone of the muscle cardiac or myocardium.

Most of the infarcts they are caused by a blockade of some of the coronary arteries, that are the blood vessels that surround to the heart and they supply of oxygen and other nutrimentos to it.

Frequently, an attack to the heart is the first manifest symptom of a cardiopathy, but generally, it is the culmination of a long process in which the life style that has taken has much to do.

The accumulation of fat plates, in their majority of cholesterol, is obstructing the arteries and reducing the sanguineous flow that arrives at the heart. In 95% of the cases, the obstruction is produced by the loosening of a arteriosclerosis plate that is perhaps the leading one of the infarct, that when injuring the layer that has the arteries, activates to plaquetas, that they still more group and they obstruct the injured glass.

If a glass is closed completely, died the zone of the muscle cardiac that nourished, which causes that the sanguineous flow is reduced and the formation of clots is stimulated, which is known better like coronary trombosis, problem that can cause the blockade definitive.

Although this problem is much more frequent in men and with greater incidence between the 55 and 65 years, in the present life many cases between young adults and women have appeared.

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