Osteoarthritis VERTEBRAL

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Osteoarthritis VERTEBRAL
The cervical artrosis or espondiloartrosis is a frequent enough suffering, that happens when the cartilage that separates each vertebra is worn away and caused diverse damages to the nerves, that are pressed when not being prote'ge's and cause very intense pains and the incapacity to move, to walk or to make any movement.

It is possible to be presented / displayed as of the 20 years of age although he is much more frequent in greater people of 60 years and almost all those of more than 80 years.

The vertebral artrosis, is developed little by little and while the vertebrae are worn away, any symptom does not appear generally, until the pressure of the nerve is so painful that the person goes to the doctor and by means of a x - ray confirms the wearing down of the cartilage and the pressure of the nerve because the vertebrae that are lost their space.

At level of the cervical column the damage is pronounced of several forms, by means of an acute pain, also known like "tortícolis, that appears of abrupt form, is very intense and forces the person to place its head of side to alleviate a little the pain. He is frequent in young people or that is under stress situation very hard, but also it can be product of an abrupt movement of the neck or of an accident in where the impact has caused an abrupt pull and the annoyance disappears generally single after some days. Pomadas desinflamantes or the local heat aid to diminish the annoyance and in some cases the use of collarín soft is recommended by the doctor.

The cervical pain also can appear in the inferior part of the neck and when pressing the muscles of the part intensify. This pain can easily be confused with the muscular derivative of a tension or bad position. Another one is the chronic cervical artrosis, that probably predominates in the women due to labor fatigue or bad position.

The artrosis in the lumbar vertebrae, also is known as lumbago or acute lumbar pain and generally triggers when making some effort or maneuvers badly made when loading or to reach objects. The pain that causes is very acute and in most of the cases the person it must lie down. Sometimes the displacement of the vertebrae compresses also the nerves that go to the legs or arms and when doing it the pain extends towards them.

In both cases, the rest, analgesic, relajantes muscular and the local heat are recommended, although the one must be the doctor that determines the magnitude of the damage and if it is the case recommends fisioterapia sometimes or the surgery.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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