Arteriosclerosis obliterans

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Arteriosclerosis obliterans
When the sanguineous circulation is deficient in a muscle when doing exercise originates a called disease.

obliterante arteriosclerosis, that must to the fat deposit in the internal walls of the legs.

This problem is commonest than it is developed in the legs, causing annoyances that go from fatigue to cramps that go accompanied of an ardor sensation and acute pain that arises after walking and which they are possible to be come up resting after the long walk or exercise.

This malaise happens most frequently in pantorrilla, but also it can appear in the feet, thighs, hips or rumps. As the pain legs can also be caused by flebitis, várices, arthritis or diverse injuries it is very important to consult the doctor so that it establishes the suitable diagnosis opportunely.

As the disease advances, it is possible to be walked less before it appears the pain in the feet that put colds and they are entumen, little by little the parched skin and she becomes escamosa and the bad circulation can get to cause ulcers in the skin, in the inferior part of the leg or the feet and until gangrene.

Other factors that contribute to the suffering are the tabaquismo, the hypertension, the diabetes and the inactivity.

The diagnosis is confirmed when the medical one takes the pulse from the arteries of the leg or the ankle and finds it weak and it is confirmed by means of studies of imagenología of x - rayses to observe the sanguineous flow.

For their treatment, many doctors recommend a daily minimum dose of acetilsalicílico acid to reduce to the risk of sanguineous clots and other mediamentos to thin the blood, but these last ones sometimes have indirect effect that the patients do not tolerate.

If a single part of the blocked artery is detected, one can be made angioplastía to ruin the obstructora plate or if it is required it can make a called surgery "endarterectomía", to open the artery and to eliminate the greasy plate. Another option is the graft of a vein taken seizure from another part of the body of the same person.

In order to prevent this problem, mainly if risk is had of developing the disease, it is suggested to make exercise daily and:

not to smoke and to avoid to be in sites in where the others do it.

To maintain rich a low fat diet and in fiber.

To maintain the weight ideal.

not to use leagues average or socks with elastic that press the leg. At time of cold socks of cotton or wool are due to place to maintain the feet lukewarm.

To use comfortable and ventilated shoes.

To take care of and to clean up the feet daily. Going with a specialist to clear calluses, eyes of fish or any other problem. He is recommendable to maintain dry and humectados the feet applying a humectante cream.

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