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Anorexia nervosa
The nervosa anorexy is a disease that has been increasing in the last decades between people of countries sajones and it happens generally in adolescents of feminine sex, between the 13 and 25 years, although a great number of adult adolescents of masculine sex, women and men does not discard.

The people with anorexy are obsessed to conserve the weight corresponding to the age and a determined stature, with an intense fear towards the obesity.

This fear causes the diminution the food consumption until arriving at the starvation, and has as lost consequence a progressive one of weight.

Two exist type of nervosa anorexy: primary and the secondary one.

Primary the nervosa anorexy, that is characterized to be a strong scared to raise of weight and can be:

Restrictive anorexy, that happens when the people limit their caloric ingestion severely, ayunan constantly and makes exercise in excess to cause the loss of weight.

Anorexy bulímica or purgativa, also well - known like bulimarexia, which it affects the people who characterize themselves per periods of uninformed prolonged and others to eat in convulsive form, later to cause vomit, to bleed itself, to use laxatives, diuréticos and enemas to eliminate foods of the body.

The secondary nervosa anorexy, is the consequence of some mental disease like the schizophrenia or the depression and must to a false interpretation of the feeding, more than to a diminution of the weight.


The content of this note, does not replace the medical diagnosis, it only appears as information and the same we are not made people in charge on its use.


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