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Most frequently they appear in the aorta, although also they are developed in arteries of the base of the brain and in some of the smallest glasses inside this organ and usually they most frequently affect with greater proportion to greater of 50 years and the men.

Arteriosclerosis and the arterial hypertension are two important factors of risk for the development of aneurisms. Other causes, are some congenital or hereditary defects like the syndrome of Marfan, that is characterized by ocular problems, skeletal and cardiovascular.

The aneurisms can be congenital or acquired, these last ones are related to arterioscelrosos or with infectious and inflammatory diseases and they appear mainly of two forms, reason why they are classified in:

Fusiform, when they have an extended growth. This type affects of uniform form throughout the artery.

Saculares, when the growth is towards the sides.

Generally, the aneurisms do not produce symptoms until they are the sufficiently great thing like pressing the organs that are located together.

The aortic aneurism is very dangerous since the internal and external walls of the artery separate, allowing that the blood filters between the layers, which reduces the sanguineous flow to other parts of the organism, including in brain.

Sometimes the abdominal aortic aneurism, presents / displays a soft mass that barks under the skin, underneath the torácica box and towards the center of the abdomen. When there is filtration of blood, it can cause pain that radiate towards the back and ingles. In a carótido aneurism, the palpitación feels in the neck and also it can have a visible mass under the skin.

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