Aplastic anemia

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Aplastic anemia
It must to that the bony marrow cannot elaborate sufficient white globules, red or plaquetas, problem known like pancitopenia, although those that produce are generally normal.

The aplástica anemia can be slight or severe and its origin congenital, hereditary or is acquired.

The congenital aplástica anemia originates by a chromosomic abnormality like the anemia of Fanconi or the disease of the Dyskeratosis.

The acquired aplástica anemia can be caused by the constant contact with chemical agents like arsenic, the benzene or determined pesticidas, by radiations emitted in x - ray processes or by reactions to certain medicines against the cancer or chemotherapy, by the use or consumption of drugs, to some antibiotics or the frequent presence of infectious diseases or to suffer erimatoso lupus.

Nevertheless, almost half of the reported cases, does not have a cause or identified origin and is an acute or chronic disease, generally progressive.

The common symptoms are, respiratory pallor, problems, acceleration of the heart rate and arrhythmias, eruptions in the skin and presence of bruises of easy appearance:

Fatigue and weakness when there is a diminution of red globules.

frequent Infections when the diminution is of white globules.

Bled frequent specially of mucous membranes and the skin when plaquetas is diminished. These can be very dangerous if they are not controlled opportunely.

The diagnosis becomes from the symptoms and of an analysis of count of red, white globules and paquetas. Frequently it is required also of a biopsy of bony marrow.

Between the treatments of this type of anemia they are:

Transfusions of blood and plaquetas.

the transplant of bony marrow, in severe problems, mainly in young patients.

the inmunosupresión with specific medicines.

the application of injections of antitomocítica globulin (ATG) the application of drugs suppresors of the immune system.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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