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Seven are the amoebas that can be present in the mouth and intestine of the man: Histolytica Entamoeba, Entamoeba gingivalis, Entamoeba Harmanni, Entamoeba coli, Iodamoeba bütschii, Dientamoeba fragilis and nana Endolimax.

Of all of them single some stocks of the histolytica Entamoeba they can be pathogenic is to say harmful for the man.

It is a disease that affects all the people, with more frequency to the young people and adults, although also can even appear serious cases in children and in suckling babies. The amibiasis can get to cause the death by dehydration, without is not controlled on time.

Although it can appear in any person, the greater incidence are in the tropical places, with a deficient environmental cleaning and warm climate.

This disease trasmite by means of water, foods, utensils or directly by oral route when the infected person does not wash the hands after defecating and introduces it in its mouth since the human being is main reservorio of the parasite.

The evolutionary cycle of this parasite begins with the ingestion of the mature cyst which it happens to the stomach and duodeno and when arriving at the thin intestine and later to the thickness divides and gives rise to the trofozoitos, that produce ulceraciones of the mucosa, here takes place the elimination of noninfectantes trofozoitos and the infectantes cysts and the parasite can get to be located in organs like the liver, the lungs and the brain causing serious damages. The process begins when a person ingests contaminated foods or water and the first symptoms can appear between the 5 and 7 days of the infection, although all the people do not present / display annoyances.

Different types from amibiasis in agreement with the organ or affected weave exist:

chronic intestinal Amibiasis.

acute intestinal Amibiasis.

hepático amibiano Abscess.

Amibiasis to pleuropulmonar.

Less common they are the cutaneous Amibiasis and the amibiásica Pericarditis.

Between the symptoms that appear of progressive form, and depending on the place in which the cysts are located, they are:

liquid Diarrea, generally accompanied by snot and blood.

Fever elevated of 39° and more.

excessive Perspiration.



Loss of the appetite and loss of weight.

Nauseas and vomits.

Pain in the thorax.

Increase of leukocytes in the blood.

intense Pain in the abdomen, mainly when pressing the one that can be confused with the symptom of other diseases.

In serious cases cysts of amoebas in other organs can be detected, causing that these let suitably work and in some cases the death, so is the case of the cysts in the liver, that produce from ictericia (yellow color in the skin) to hepática insufficiency or those that they suffer by damages to the heart or the lungs. In case of the cerebral abcesos, these only can be identified with specific studies.

The diagnosis, settles down with clinical history and analysis of blood and coprocultivos is to say analysis of fecal matter, to identify cysts in seriadas samples, is to say several times.

Another study is proctoscopía to observe ulceraciones and the sexológicos studies of contrainmunoelectroforesis and in analysis of blood ELISA.

The treatment, focuses to the elimination of the parasite by means of administered specific antibiotics during several days and that have different effects:

Amibicidas luminares that is drugs that conduct their battle to destroy the amoebas in the intestine, in which the intestinal light is denominated.

Amibicidas of weaves, that destroy the amoebas at level of weaves.

Amibicidas hepáticos, that acts at level of the liver.

Between medicines they are metronidazon, diloxamida format of, emetina and others according to are the gravity and location of the cysts.

The treatment sometimes produces indirect effect like nauseas, vomits, abdominal headache and, but still with them the treatment does not have to be suspended.

During the treatment it is important with ingesting spirits and avoiding to do it until several days after finished the prescribed dose.

In order to prevent the amibiasis it is necessary:

Improvement the environmental hygienic measures and in the home.

To wash, to disinfect and to cook foods well before mainly consuming them, those that were watered with black waters as vegetables of leaf and the strawberries.

To avoid to defecate in the Earth, ready for sowing and water bodies.

To boil the water for consumption well.

To wash or the hands, after going bathroom and before touching, preparing or to consume foods.

To avoid the manifold even sexual.

To avoid to eat in the street and sites in where the hygiene is deficient or doubtful.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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