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Infection of the colon (large intestine) and sometimes the liver caused by an amoeba.

Many people, especially those living in benign climates, is a carrier of amoeba without suffering symptoms.

These are presented when the parasite invades the tissues of the colon. Symptoms can be very fuzzy.

Diagnosis and Treatment.


The clinic said.

History and physical examination by your physician.

Analysis of feces and blood.


X - rays of the lower intestine (barium enema)

General Measures.

Be very careful with their personal hygiene.

Bathe regularly and wash your hands with warm water and soap after every bowel movement and before handling food.


Your doctor may prescribe a medication against the amoeba, such as metronidazole.


Stay in bed during an acute attack.

Go back to your normal activity disappears when the fever and diarrhea forward. Diet.

Diet soft that will progress to normal diet.


Abscess in the brain.

Abscess in the lung.

Hepatitis or abscess in the liver.

Infection of the pericardium.



In most cases, without complications.

The amebiasis can be cured in 3 weeks with proper treatment.

In severe cases, can cause dysentery, which may require hospitalization.


A microscopic parasite spread by flies, cockroaches and direct contact with hands or food contaminated with feces.

The most common causes of infection involving:

Food handlers.

Plumbing defects in hotels or factories.

Raw fruits or vegetables fertilized with human feces or washed with contaminated water.

Signs and symptoms.

During incubation, the disease may not show symptoms.

The most characteristic symptoms are:

Intermittent diarrhea with foul - smelling feces.

Often the diarrhea is preceded in its principles for a period of constipation.

Gases and intestinal inflammation.

Abdominal cramps and pain.


Mucus and blood.

depositions (sometimes) which is known as dysentery. Tiredness.

Muscle aches.

If the liver is affected:

Pain in the area of the liver and the right side of the abdomen.

Jaundice (sometimes) yellowing of skin and conjunctiva caused by liver diseases (hepatitis see)

Risk Factors.

Overcrowding and lack of sanitation.

Trips abroad.

Combination of oral - anal sex.

Mental retardation.


Wash your hands often. ALWAYS before eating.

If you are in an area where food or water might be contaminated, take the following measures:

Boil water for 5 minutes.

Do not use water for anything related to the sewage system.

Do not eat or unpeeled fruit or vegetable, fish or seafood raw.

Sanitize those with bleach and water (sold pills with the necessary amount to 1 L of water. Dissolve a tablet in water inside a bag or container, and enter the fruit or vegetables for 10 minutes in the water)

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