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Some circumstances, that they can be low of defenses by another disease, disturb the normal balance of these microorganisms, the leavening can grow and trigger the suffering.

This disease also is well - known as oral Candidiasis and is a common infection, produced by fungi that are developed in the mouth and around this one.

It is caused by a common leavening called Candida Albicans, that she is the one that also causes the vaginal micosis.

Generally, the injuries have the aspect of a heavy and whitish layer that appears on the language, as well as of cremosas plates that are developed on the membrane of the buccal mucosa.

The injuries can propagate in encías, lips, throat and skin that surrounds to the lips and in serious cases, can affect also to the esophagus causing much pain and difficulty to swallow.

Only in very specific and rare cases, the fungus penetrates in the sanguineous torrent and can get to affect other organs.

This affection is one of the serious complications that can be developed in patients with AIDS, cancer and other upheavals caused by the loss of defenses and the diminution of the immunity.

Also the diabetics can contract it and who take antibiotics, corticoesteroides, drugs against the cancer and other inhibiting medicines of the immune system.

Although generally the oral Candidiasis does not cause pain, can get to cause some annoyances when eating, mainly in the babies new born, since it can cause buccal sores to him, in special in the comisuras of the lips.

This of must to that the babies are very vulnerable, because its immune system is not developed completely.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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