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Impressive they are the numbers of the World - wide Organization of the Health in reference to the addictions and is that million people, mainly young and young, are injected, they inhale, they use or they consume addictive substances, generating a dependency and tolerance very difficult to treat and whose effects are reflected in the high indices of diseases, deaths, accidents, crimes and social problems that they generate.

Problem is very complex, since in this authorities and great Mafias are involved that they include from security personnel to retailers, but mainly is a problem that concerns and affects to parents of family and teachers of very special form.

And it is that the lack of information, monitoring and denunciation of the problem has made of this one a problem of health and very important security in all the societies.

The problem of the addictions affects all the cultures, to all the people of all the ages and standards of life and is present in any scopes of the life, personnel, social relative and, causing who nobody is free of this badly world - wide one.

Between some problems that they generate the addictions are:

the deterioration of the quality of life of those who consume them and of those who surround them, with consequences like low self - esteem.

the development of infectious, chronic, mental, discapacitantes or genetic diseases of all type, caused, by the toxic substances that contain drugs.

premature Death of thousands of users, caused by overdose, accidents, chronic diseases, violence or suicides.

Loss of the productivity by scholastic and labor absenteeism, with its social and economic implications for all the countries.

social Rejection and deterioration or loss of important affective relations.

Loss of the freedom to be subordinates and to depend totally on a substance or to be tie in illegal processes.

Disarticulation and intrafamiliar violence.

economic Expenses that affect enormously to the familiar and social economy by the expenses in required services of health.

Violence reflected in the index of criminal acts made by addict people or in the increase of violent scenes within the families.

organized Delinquency that generates insecurity, deaths, robberies, violations and all type of crimes.

Between the main points that are due to take into account to come up and / or to control the addictions are:

maintaining contact, communication and frequent monitoring of the children and daughters. To know its friends, the sites to which concur, its ideas with respect to drugs, its restlessness or fears. To listen to them and to orient respectfully its errors doing to them to see that of them much can be learned.

Before any change of conduct, negligence person, frequent change of "suspicious" friends, scholastic failures, physical changes as low of weight, coloration in skin and eyes, marks of needles or others, it is necessary to act immediately, not of repressive form or with rejection, but to help them to leave the problem before he is the more complicated.

an important aspect is to analyze with the children and young people, which implies to consume, to sell or to deal with drugs, standing out the loss of the freedom like an important factor, as much by the dependency that is created towards them, like by the insecurity that lives who sell or deals with drugs and that finish generally in prison or dead.

To promote the sport and the physical exercise, the recreational activities in family and mainly the effective communication.

To put limits and rules since they are small, in its schedules, activities and visits to places, like the caverns.

To avoid to consume cigarettes and alcohol in the familiar scope, since he is frequent that besides to talk back conducts, these are the front door to the consumption of another type of drugs.

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