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In normal conditions, the neurons do not have direct bonding with the blood, since it separates another type of called cells Glia, that form a barrier that surrounds to the blood vessels and hair to control the elements that can damage to the neurons, like microorganisms or toxic substances.

When an artery in the brain is broken, it not only alters the provision of blood, but necessary the chemical balance that they require the neurons to work correctly, which repels in other many functions of the body.

The cerebral hemorrhage can happen by several forms:

bleeding Aneurism, that is caused when there is a weak place in the arterial wall that dilates or it is swollen under a high arterial pressure, being able to break themselves and to spill blood in the space that surrounds to the cerebral cells.

Breakage of the arterial wall, caused by a plate inlaid in the arterial wall, that its elasticity loses, becoming fragile and with tendency to break itself, as it happens in the case of the hypertension.

arteriovenosa Malformation, that is an accumulation or conglomerate of defective blood vessels and hair that have the thin walls and with tendency to break itself.

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